Ebenezer Church Food Cupboard

The trust recently worked alongside Ebenezer Baptist Church to help provide food parcels over the 2020 Christmas period to under-privileged children and families.

Keith Chaplin of the church food programme added ‘We would like to thank Blackwood engineering for your support generous continued this year. We have connected with over 120 local children who were greatly in need of food. Also many more parents who were very much in need of the support ‘.

The parcels were delivered to a wide range of people in the local area. We received some wonderful quotes from people who received the food hamper expressing their gratitude alongside a picture of one thankful recipient.

The trust is grateful to have the opportunity to support a wonderful local initiative such as the Ebenezer Food Cupboard. Some of the comments below reinforce why we at the trust consider helping local charities and organisations vital

Receiving a food parcel means I can be warm as well as being able to eat. God bless everyone who enables this to happen and continue to happen

I would like to thank the food cupboard as my kids and myself can eat lovely meals, as it’s very difficult being a single parent, I struggle to afford food to feed my children, where before I was having to chose to feed my children first, and go without myself .

Having help in the form of a food parcel is such a relief to be able to feed, my family. When we are struggling financially we are very grateful for the help to put food in my cupboards, when we can’t ourselves. It gives me peace of mind knowing there is help available and my children will never go hungry.

Ebenezer food cupboard not only fills or hunger for food during our times of hardship .but fills our hearts with hope and love and strength.

For me a single parent of three children under 10 years old, a food parcel is like a life line. I’ve found my children and myself in a vulnerable situation, and after a period of homelessness and losing a lot of possessions the food parcels has really helped me to feed my children and myself. I am so grateful to the people who make this happen and without it I wouldn’t be able to provide my children it’s so kind and caring.

I feel grateful for what I receive and don’t get judged for needing help, as during the lockdown when my children are home from school it’s such a worry ,they can empty my kitchen cupboard of food quite quickly.

It means a lot to know there is a food cupboard close to home that can help me, and there is a support network from the people who run the food parcels.

 I just want to say the biggest thank you I could ever possibly say, for our fantastic Christmas hamper you gave my little family. We are more grateful than I could ever put into words. Thank you so much

 Big thank you for our hamper it is so lovely. I’m so, so very grateful for all the help we’ve received this year.

 Thank you so much you for our hamper you have made my cry.

 Thank you so much for my Christmas hamper, the children are so super excited thank you.