Tamil Nadu People Welfare Association (TAPWA)

The Trust has been working alongside TAPWA to deliver their project ‘Enhancing Health and Special Education for 25 differently-abled children to ensure their growth andĀ development and to integrate them with formal and mainstream education’.

Blackwood provided financial support for 25 children with physical or mental issues located in villages in the Tamil-Nadu region. The objectives of this project led by TAPWA:

  • To improve the health condition of the differently-abled children
  • To create the platform and opportunities for learning to the differently-abled children
  • To identify and promote the talents among differently-abled children
  • To impart high self esteem among differently-abled children
  • To introduce hygienic and healthy food habits to the differently-abled children
  • To involve differently-abled children in recreational and extracurricular activities
  • To change the attitude of the parents in treating the children with utmost care & love
  • To teach the parents have better understanding with their children. Hence the development of these children depends largely upon the understanding of their parents


Mrs R. Pandiselvi, Executive Director at TAPWA added

The various programmes implemented as described above have helped the children and parents to face the challenges in life and adopt coping skills to overcome their difficulties by building up their self-confidence and self-esteem in order to promote inclusive education and sports activities.

The donation has allowed the TAPWA project to run a number of initiatives including proving a health treatment camp, education programmes for both children and adults, talent academy and also helped developed their provision of educational and play materials.