Guang Ai

Guang Ai centre has been set up to help educate orphaned and disabled children in Beijing. The centre currently has approximately 100 primary school age children.

They have also set up a centre for older children in Ann Hui which caters for about 30 children. The centre feels that there is a need for children to develop their IT skills because employers deem this to be valuable, so it gives them a better chance getting a job. The Trusts donation enabled the purchase of 6 computers, desks and chairs for the centres to pursue their goal.

Blue Sky Healing Home

This foster home in Beijing cares for approximately 20 orphans born with congenital defects providing them with specialist pre and post-surgery care.

Blue Sky helps children who would otherwise not receive necessary and life changing surgeries they need due to a lack of funding or manpower in their state orphanages.

A donation has been made towards general running cost and care of orphans.


Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) works through and with partner organisations to expand and improve their work with vulnerable children and young people.

The aim of the organisation is to provide financial and technical support, which will contribute towards increasing local partner’s capacity, self-sufficiency and sustainability. They work with children and young people in order to equip them with essential tools and guarantee that they can access better education and employment opportunities, which enable them to build a better future for themselves.

The Blackwood Engineering Trust donation helped 29 girls in impoverished rural villages in the Andes to access secondary education and change their future prospects. Specific help was given for school uniforms, fees, materials and transport costs.

Amazing Hands

Amazing Hands is a Chinese orphanage which has been set up by a couple to provide a safe living environment for orphaned children. Many of these children have disabilities and require medical help, surgery and treatment. Correct medical help gives children the best possible chances to develop and be adopted. The trust donated money to help cover Speech therapy, physio and psychological treatment for these children for a year.

Hearing Dogs

Provides specially trained hearing dogs as fully qualified assistance dogs to profoundly deaf adults and children. Hearing dogs enable deaf adults or children to lead more secure and independent lives and helps with inclusion in the hearing world. A donation was made to help create new child hearing dog partnerships in Torfaen.